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What is this IDW TMNT #100 Fats Comics Store Variant all about?

Fats Comics have secured an Exclusive opportunity with IDW and Australian Artist Jamie Johnson. We will be releasing our own Store Exclusive for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles issue 100.

This Fats Comics Store Variant will be limited to 500 pieces World Wide.

Jamie Johnson has created an AMAZING cover for this Fats Comics Exclusive. To add to that we will be printing this book on Artists Cover Stock with a Blank Back cover. This means you can get your OWN custom Art hand drawn on the back cover.

Fats Comics will ALSO partner with Australia’s own HALO Grading and Encapsulation Services to bring you a Graded Gem MINT, MINT, Near Mint + and Near Mint copy. The Grading value for these are 10.0, 9.9, 9.8, 9.6 and 9.4 respectively. The numbers on these Graded copies will be very limited and dependent upon the quality of the books when they are received. In a nutshell we would be ecstatic if we get a single book worthy of 10.0 or 9.9, We predict that most of the books will be in the usual 9.4-9.8 range.

NOTE: We will offer a very limited number of Gem Mint and Mint copies for sale at a higher price than the standard offering BUT based upon a ‘First come First Served’ priority, IF there is not a grade available for the book you order then you will receive the next lowest grade available. If there is a difference in purchase price then you will receive a refund for this amount.

Custom Signing or Art

Can I get my book Signed or Remarqued on the Front cover?

If you would like the Artist, Jamie Johnson to Sign your copy or to enhance it with an artwork Remarque, then please select our options when pre-ordering your copy. It will take a little longer to get you your book but it will be worth it! We can also have it Graded, Verified and Slabbed by Halo before shipping to you if you so choose.

Shipping to You

We will ship your books in a Cardboard mailer designed for this purpose and then a layer of bubble wrapped before Wrapping it in Black Shipping plastic … We will then allow you to choose Shipping or Pickup. Australian National Shipping will have tracking and insurance.


International Shipping is dependent upon location. We WILL need to email you to adjust price depending upon your location. You may cancel your order with us if the pricing is not suitable and We reserve the right to refund your purchase if necessary.

When can we expect to receive our Ordered Items?

We expect to start receiving our books soon after the 15th December 2019. Shipping from the USA may take a few days.

Non Customised and Non Graded Items will have a maximum 10 Days Handling Time after we receive our Books. You will receive your tracking Number by then.

Graded books will have a maximum 45 Days Handling Time after we receive our Books. You will receive your tracking Number by then.
Please note – Limited to first 50 customers.

All graded books after the first 50 purchased will have approximately 60 Days Handling Time after we receive our Books. You will receive your tracking Number by then.

Customised and Graded books will be dependent upon the Artist delivery time. We will endeavor to facilitate as soon as possible but as you can understand, this will be very dependent upon the artist workload and the time taken to transport the book between Fats Comics to Jamie and returned for grading. Then, if required, we will need to have the book graded.

You will receive your items as soon as we can accommodate. Please be patient with this.

What Grading Company Do we use?

Halo Certification Pty Ltd. They are Australian based and are able to offer us the above-mentioned turn times. Grading your book ensures a certified grade for the book and preserves and protects the book for up to 100 years.

Whats with the different Labels for the Comics

Halo Grading – Halo and Fats Comics will design a custom label for this opportunity. WATCH THIS SPACE for updates!

What happens if you are unable to get your Store Exclusive Variant?

If, for ANY reason, we cannot obtain our Fats Comics Store Exclusive TMNT  #100, then you will receive a 100% refund within 15 Days of us verifying this product cancellation.

How do I place an order?

Simply head to our Online shop and select the options that you want. Its as simple as that!

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